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X-Ray Film [Latest Update: May 26th]
This a full theme imitating X-Ray Film displayed on a lightboard which illuminates the "X-Ray Film". This theme includes over 160 icons with support for more icons per requests to my email. Just reference which theme and which icons. This theme also includes 6 "Lightboards" wallpapers that you can set from the main wallpaper chooser just choose "X-Ray Film Lightboards" in the menu of the wallpaper chooser. This theme along with all of my others is optimized to work on MDPI & HDPI devices running ADW.launcher or ADW EX launcher but LauncherPro's and OpenHome's newest builds have support for ADW Themes. Try the free previews before purchasing the full one if you have any doubt. I'm not responsible for you knowing your own phone.

*160+ icons
6 Wallpapers & 2 Docks for those able to choose dock backgrounds.

The Full Theme can be found in the Android Market here.
Find the preview in the Android Market here.
Or on the Downloads page here.